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urn homeExperts worried a▓bout fate of remaining animals at zoo in Shenyang; investigation launched SHENYANG: An investigation has been launched into the deaths of 13 Siberian tigers in ▓the past three months at a zoo in Shenyang, capital of N▓ortheast China's Liaoning province. Now experts are worried about the fate of the remaining animals. "I'm afraid that the tigers will die

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one after another because of malnutrition and cold weather. If we don't help the▓se poor animals as soon as possible, we will lose the best time to save them," said Hua Ning, project director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare Chin▓a. The Shenyang city government has allocated 5 million yuan▓ ($732,000) for rescuing the remaining animals and a▓nother 2 million yuan for resuming the Shenyang Forest Wild▓li

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